What is the Common Pool?

The Common Pool is a consulting business, specialized in developing effective incentive models.  We recognize that there are conditions that present real costs because of failures to align the interests of problem solvers.  Unlocking these dilemmas requires new incentives and diverse participation.  We believe in the power of competition and the draw of new media to solve your challenges, and we recognize that - where no clear motivation exists, or where questions are not framed to attract new mindshare - participation will dwindle, and problems will remain.  The Common Pool designs and delivers new incentive models and reframes challenging issues, offering shared interest and investment to meet targeted needs.  Let us show you how we do it.

The Common Pool is also deeply invested in using the power of incentives to drive change for the public good.  Unfortunately, in areas where there is the greatest need for philanthropy and innovation, too often we find market failures.  Our strategy is to offer compelling and nontrivial financial rewards to anyone who can solve these failures.  Our methods only pay for results and offer important exposure to anyone who can deliver effective and scalable solutions.


Consulting and Operations

Taking your requirements into account, we will deliver turn-key services for you during a three step process.  First, we conduct an initial assessment of your needs during a no-cost interview and evaluation, followed by a series of no less than three in-depth meetings conducted at your offices.  Second, we present you with a detailed implementation plan, including the projected impact that our proposed scope of services will have on your organization.  Third, we implement these plans against a project time line and budget.  We provide lasting and scalable methods, yielding a targeted impact with measurable results. 

Here is how we drive resources to meet your needs (see Services):
Incentive Design &/or Overhaul
We will design and/or overhaul the current set of incentives you are using and/or offer innovative new approaches to motivating capital towards your targeted goals.
Project Management & Execution
We offer comprehensive project management and planning, to ensure that our process is clearly mapped and measured against your resources and expectations.
Continued Maintenance & Operations Once we have completed a turn-key client engagement, we are dedicated to continued improvement and management of the systems that we put in place, if necessary.
Marketing & Communications
We develop field-tested analysis of your marketing and communication needs and activate your brand around your most exciting and compelling offerings.
Software Solutions &
Media Design
To deliver these services, we offer customized software and media, tailored to your needs.
The Common Pool offers a number of exciting and tested prototypes for developing new incentives and expanded participation, and the results have produced large-scale inducement prizes, advanced market commitments, cause-related marketing campaigns and innovative games and media to engage young people and the general public.  While many of our partners share a commitment to inspiring breakthroughs for public benefit, others are interested in exploring how to leverage their own interests or market share through brand activation around these innovative approaches.  We can help solve your complex research and product development needs, as well as bring unique exposure to your organization, by attracting a wide audience of problem solvers.  We offer more about our philosophy and the benefits of our methods here or by contacting us directly for an initial consultation.

Let's work together.  Contact us today to schedule an initial introduction and assessment.